Welcome to Live…Love…Farm

This blog was created because I have a wonderful husband who thinks the world of all I do. But does the world really need another blog?? Probably not but here we go anyway…

Why Live…Love…Farm??


God created us according to His plan and each of us has a purpose. I think the modern times we are living in tell us it is ok to “just survive”. I want to be more than a survivor.  I want to be an over-comer and that can only happen as we live for Jesus and not just say we believe in him.


Life is all about love. Love for God. Love for our family. Love to eat, cook, garden…(insert your love here)! All that I do, I do because I love to serve my God and my family. I love to help others and hope that by sharing all that our family does it may be a help to others.


I believe there needs to be a little farmer in all of us. To cultivate and grow something. Even if all you can do at the moment is to grow a pot of herbs in your windowsill.


So thank you for stopping by. I hope you will get cozy and read awhile but please remember that I am a wife and a mom writing my about my life and things that work for us. What works for you and yours may differ.

Feel free to drop a comment now and then. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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